The BioSAFE Engineering Business Model

BioSAFE Engineering offers a suite of products, services, and consultative assistance through four operating divisions.

  • BioSAFE Engineering.
    Patents, expertise, intellectual property, and project management are part of the BioSAFE Engineering group working as an internal service to the entire group. Through BioSAFE Engineering, all consultative sales, planning assistance, feasibility studies, economic justification and specification architecture are managed by a professional staff.
  • BioSAFE Medical Waste Systems.
    The BioSAFE Medical Waste Systems group offers products designed to mitigate the time and expense of red bag sterilization, logistics, transportation and disposal.
  • BioSAFE Life Science Solutions.
    The BioSAFE Life Science Solutions group manages sales, installation, validation, training and support for the company’s line of alkaline hydrolysis tissue digesters and effluent decontamination systems.
  • BioSAFE Advanced Engineering Services.
    The BioSAFE Advanced Engineering Services division provides custom, innovative solutions to solve our customers’ most difficult problems. Our proprietary designs offer safe, secure and documentable inactivation and destruction of potentially hazardous materials in stationary and transportable designs.