High Throughput, Low Cost Processing

Because commercial processing is a business model built around large volumes and low costs, our fully automated STI systems are ideal for these central RMW treatment facilities. These systems are engineered for 24-hour a day operation, a low labor component, minimal utilities and maintenance requirements. The robust and redundant components of these systems mean unplanned downtime is not an issue.

commercial medical waste treatment

STI machines process from 600 lbs/hr to 4 t/hr of waste.

Regulated Medical Waste (RMW)

Employing integrated shredding and steam inactivation, the STI system reduces waste volume by up to 80%. After the treatment process, the waste is non-recognizable as medical waste and is safe and ready for landfill disposal.

Environmentally Safe, No Atmospheric Pollution

As a low-pressure alternative waste technology steam-heated treatment system, there is no release of dioxins or other volatile organic compounds (VOCs).