For more than 25 years, BioSAFE Engineering has led the evolution of chemical free and incineration free disposal of red bag medical waste and other effluents associated with clinical, biotech and pharmaceutical research. Our environmentally responsible systems offer significant benefits and values by minimizing the cost, complexity and environmental impact of inactivation as well as issues dealing with handling, compliance and logistics.

Our equipment’s unique ability to run continuous cycles, combined with a wide range of capacities, options and configurations, results in an engineered solution that meets our customer’s requirements. We work closely with our customers to provide standard solutions or to innovate customized equipment and resolve their unique application challenges safely with targeted solutions.

Economic Benefits

Lower Processing Costs – Our technology lowers the cost of operation by minimizing labor requirements and continuous feed operation. Utility costs are reduced by using low pressure steam (not high pressure like an autoclave) and via “hibernation mode” when not in use, halting utility usage.

Disposal Costs – Dry, 90% bulk reduced waste is tailored to minimize the landfill impact and hauling costs of treated materials, lowering tipping fees and hauling charges.

Environmental Benefits

Cleaner Air, Water and Soil – Continuous feed non-incineration process has no environmental impact on air, water and soil.

Less Energy Consumption – With our equipment you have the ability to turn the unit on and off to meet demand (no heat up time required). No longer is there a need to continually consume utilities while not processing waste.

Our chemical-free medical waste treatment solution protects operators, the environment and the community, while also providing the lowest operating costs in the industry.