BioSAFE Engineering’s team of service professionals are with you beyond sales and installation to help maintain the optimum performance of your system and ensure the safety of your employees and the environment. Our trained service team stands ready to help keep your equipment running smoothly and in compliance with local regulations and guidelines. We offer flexible, customizable and affordable preventive maintenance plans for new and existing installations.

Our services include:


  • Emergency Field Service
  • Annual Preventive Maintenance Services
  • Replacement Parts (some fees may apply)
  • Older Model System Diagnostics and Upgrades

Customer Service and Support

  • 24-hour Phone Support
  • Engineering Support
  • Remote System Interface
  • On-Site Personnel Training

Additional Services

  • Filter Validation
  • ASME Tank Recertification
  • Other Services Available Upon Request

Maintenance and Service

To keep your systems and equipment running at their optimal performance level, BioSAFE highly recommends our customers invest in one of our preventive maintenance plans. Our talented service team can identify and resolve common and irregular issues so your system continues to perform in accordance with the operation and maintenance manuals.

Flexible preventive maintenance plans offered by BioSAFE are tailored to meet the needs and regulatory specifications of each particular installation. Plans for newly installed systems, factory refurbished systems, systems that have been in the field for years, and systems made by other manufacturers are available. We provide service visits scheduled annually, semiannually, quarterly, monthly, or on a custom time frame. Our goal is to help you receive the most value out of your investment.

Preventive Maintenance Plan Services May Include:

  • A Full Diagnostic Inspection
  • Calibration of All Measuring and Indicating Devices
  • Replacement of Miscellaneous High-Wear Parts Deemed Necessary for Preventive Maintenance
  • Refresher Training for Operators and Maintenance Personnel
  • Full Reporting and Documentation
  • Additional Services Available Upon Request

For Older Models or Other Brand Systems Services May Also Include:

  • Safety Review and Improvements
  • Troubleshooting Services
  • Program Changes and Updates
  • Replacement Parts Calibration and Certification Services

Replacement Parts

To ensure your system experiences no unplanned downtime, scheduled replacement of critical components is needed. BioSAFE Engineering stands ready to assist you when ordering necessary replacement parts as required. If customers prefer to keep a small stock of consumable parts (fluids, filters, O-rings, pump seals, etc.) for in-house maintenance programs, we can also assist in their establishment.

For a complete list of consumable parts or replacement/spare parts for your machine, please contact BioSAFE’s Service Department.

Maintenance Programs-Medical Waste

In addition to the Maintenance and Services offered for all of BioSAFE Engineering, BioSAFE Medical Waste Systems offers capacity expansions, replacement shredders, and shredder rebuilds (new cutters, bearings, seals, etc.).

Please contact BioSAFE Engineering’s Service Department to discuss your upgrade needs in detail to find the best option(s) for your machines.