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BioSAFE Engineering is a global leader in the design, manufacture and installation of critical equipment and systems used in healthcare and life sciences. These products eliminate the threat of hazardous or infectious agents in installations around the world.

BioSAFE history originates in 1993 when medical school professors in Albany, NY produced the first system to safely dispose of laboratory animals subjected to radioactive materials. This pioneering work was the first practical application of alkaline hydrolysis as a decontamination method.

Following initial success, a portfolio of patents was quickly developed. The product line further evolved in size and capability, and applications were expanded into waste treatment for clinical, medical research and associated industries. In the 1990s, STI became a treatment system of choice for large medical waste processing companies replacing incineration. It remains a cornerstone of our Medical Waste Systems to this day.

In 2002, as installations and expertise continued to expand, BioSAFE branched out into effluent decontamination systems (EDS) required to process waste streams from clinical and research processes. Our first EDS was installed at the Walter Reed Medical Center. Since then, BioSAFE EDS technology has been applied worldwide to safely and efficiently inactivate water-borne pathogens.

In 2015, BioSAFE was reorganized to meet the needs of our customers who required both standard and custom engineered products. Now operating as three complementary divisions, BioSAFE is structured as BioSAFE Medical Waste Systems, BioSAFE Life Science Solutions and BioSAFE Advanced Engineering Services.

Our Mission

BioSAFE Engineering is the global leader in the design, manufacture, installation, and service of waste treatment equipment used in research facilities, healthcare, industry, and science to eliminate the threat of hazardous or infectious agents. We are an advanced scientific applications engineering company providing unique non-incineration, environmentally responsible solutions for treatment and disposal of biologic and medical waste in both liquid and solid forms.

Our goal is to provide the most cost-effective, proven, and reliable products worldwide to safely dispose of infectious waste while protecting the end user and the environment. BioSAFE Engineering provides up front engineering support, design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and treatment for our entire line of products.


BioSAFE Engineering has a rich 22-year history in the use of alkaline hydrolysis for waste decontamination. We hold a portfolio of patents that fuel alternative technologies to commercial incineration of pathological waste and diseased tissues.

BioSAFE Engineering provides a full-service experience from initial system design and customization to installation and on-site training.

We are focused on developing quality products based on sound design and technical oversight. All of our systems are fully assembled and tested in our manufacturing facility to ensure that they operate per their outlined design and allow for various operational needs occurring within the manufacturing facility.

Once our units are installed, field engineers will verify the installation, ensuring the system is fully operational by running a series of checks prior to providing additional training for all personnel that will be assigned to work with the equipment.

In addition to our internal processes and standards, we test our products against a series of industry-recognized engineering, fabrication and safety standards.

For a full list of our manufacturing and safety standards, contact us today.