Dear CABS and ABSA International Members and Partners,

As leaders of the Canadian Association for Biological Safety (CABS) and ABSA International, we deeply appreciate the valuable work of our members and partners during this critical response to coronavirus disease (COVID-19). As neighbors, we plan to cultivate a strong relationship and encourage collaboration between the organizations and our members. As we know, viruses don’t respect borders so it is important to work together to ensure good biosafety and biosecurity practices. ABSA International and CABS would like to share the following resources with all of you and plan to continue collaboration to assist both professional associations. We look forward to both of our conferences and other educational opportunities to share the experiences and lessons learned during this pandemic.

About ABSA International

ABSA International was founded in 1984 to become a global leader for providing professional and scientific expertise in the practice of biosafety and biosecurity. ABSA’s core purpose is to promote and expand biosafety and biosecurity expertise through training, standards, publications, networking, resources, advocacy, annual biosafety/biosecurity conference, and professional credentials.

ABSA International Resources

About CABS

The Canadian Association for Biological Safety/L’Association Canadienne Pour La Sécurité Biologique (CABS-ACSB) was formed in 1990 as the Canadian affiliate of ABSA. CABS-ACSB is a non-profit association, which established a Canadian network of individuals interested in a wide variety of biological safety issues and to enhance the knowledge and understanding of biological safety and biosecurity. Through training initiatives at the annual Canadian Biosafety Symposium, CABS-ACSB strives to provide a national voice for biosafety professionals in Canada and internationally. Members can now become a Registered Biosafety Officer (RBSO).

CABS Resources

Thank you for your professionalism and ongoing commitment to respond to this pandemic.


Tom Walus

David Gillum
ABSA International

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