Custom Process

How BioSAFE Advanced Engineering Stands Out


Using an innovative and nimble approach, BioSAFE’s expert engineers can tackle any disposal challenge. Our team has solved everything from the high-volume destruction of recalled airbags to catastrophic wastewater flooding in a BSL-3/4 facility.

Responsive Reaction

The BioSAFE Advanced Engineering team is ready to respond to urgent disposal challenges leveraging the breadth of our technology and expertise. This includes mobilized solutions to contain outbreaks and specialized equipment to destroy unusual materials.

Extraordinary Service

Your solution is only complete once your system is fully operational and all punch-list items are resolved. BioSAFE engineers ensure your system is running to specification, train your staff in real-time, and provide all the services necessary for a long, productive operating life.


Real-World Applications

Our portfolio includes equipment design and manufacturing to solve a host of challenges: large-volume destruction of explosive materials, absolute DNA destruction, unconventional bio-containment, agricultural refinement from waste streams, field units for biological emergencies and more.

Explosive and Incendiary

The furnace disposal of flammable, combustible, or hazardous waste is slow, inefficient, and can compromise the safety of your people, operations and the environment.


When large-scale animal breeding and research facilities need to respond to infected flocks and herds, BioSAFE Engineering offers USDA/DHS-tested mass animal treatment and disposal solutions. On-location treatment using mobilized systems avoids the burial of contaminated birds, cattle, plants and quarantined materials.

Destruction of Contraband

BioSAFE Engineering partners with government and law enforcement officials to destroy and dispose of illegal goods in a safe and timely manner.

Nutrient Recycling

Our comprehensive understanding of carcass elimination and related disposal processes has enabled us to develop equipment for value-added recovery. This unique equipment allows us to reuse discarded waste as feeds and industrial feedstocks.


As an alternative to incineration and landfills, our thermal depolymerization unit sustainably converts polymer-rich treated waste into useful fuel sources.

Our Custom Process

For more than a generation, BioSAFE Engineering has earned a reputation for innovative systems design based on needs assessment and analyses, high quality manufacturing, efficient site preparation, hands-on installation, start-up, commissioning and follow up service and technical support.

From conception to installation, we develop equipment to meet your unique needs. We provide custom engineering and manufacturing services as well as turnkey custom equipment.

Our custom solutions can be designed to meet processing capacities of a few pounds per hour to several metric tons per hour.

Up-Front Needs Assessment

To learn if your equipment needs can be designed and built, please contact Roland Kallechy, Director of Operations for a prompt assessment, budget and timeline.

Staged Design

Design, engineering, prototype building, validation and controls programming for custom equipment is completed through a schedule of staged design phases.

How it Works

Starting with the needs assessment, we work with you to develop each phase needed to complete your requested project. While our design stages are as unique as the resulting products, most schedules can be broken down into 6 phases.

While custom engineering work, prototype building, validation and controls programming can all require more time than a conventional, commercially available system, the effort pays off.
Customized solutions ensure capabilities and performance requirements meet your unique needs and deliver a return on investment.

  • Product Conceptualization – Needs Assessment and Product Definition
  • Front-End Engineering – System Functionality, General Layout and Design, P&ID Development, Economic Projections
  • Prototyping and Validation – Prototype, Testing, and Evaluation
  • Design Completion  – Application and Industry Standards, Final Models, Documentation, Cost Estimates, Customer Approval
  • Manufacturing – Sourcing and Production, Quality Systems Developed
  • Delivery – Installation, Site Validation, Startup & Checkout

Controls and Automation

We design and build custom controls and their automations within our own facility to meet unique specifications and expedited turn-around from order to installation. Our team of specialists also brings these skills to your job site to guarantee proper installation, start-up and user training.

In-House Platform Development

Because no two installations are the same, BioSAFE maintains a robust in-house UL Recognized control and electronic development team. This department is dedicated to building custom configurations for controls, monitoring, data capture and functional utilities required to assure proper systems operation and compliance.


Early stage process validation can very often be assisted with a breadboarded equipment assembly, combined with manual computer controls. BioSAFE manages inventory, fabrication shops, utilities and instrumentation applications supervised by an experienced staff. The result is your design and specifications transformed into a proof-of-concept.

Controls Development and Panel Fabrication

Our control and electrical engineering staff is very experienced and committed to proper functionality and safety of the system. BioSAFE’s commitment is illustrated by our UL 508A panel shop, detailed wiring and panel schematics, and in-house systems programming.

Demonstration, Validation and Documentation

Construction & Assembly

In our manufacturing facility, our full-time engineers and system fabricators provide a controlled, production style environment where your demonstration process or fully developed process equipment can be constructed and factory tested.


Our installation crew efficiently installs units to minimize downtime without sacrificing safety and performance. Results that match the design parameters and factory testing are the objective every time.

SAT & Checkout

Installation is not complete until your system is fully running and all punch-list items are resolved. We ensure the system is running to specification and train your staff in real time. Once the equipment is in place, we provide all the services necessary for a long, productive operating life. BioSAFE Engineering completes FAT (factory acceptance testing) before equipment is packaged and shipped to the facility. SAT (site acceptance testing) is then completed by BioSAFE Engineering once the equipment is delivered and installed. Our SAT and FAT services can also be integrated with A&E firms as needed.

Engineering Documentation

BioSAFE understands that the success of your project requires modeling and documentation of equipment. We can integrate documentation into all relevant phases of your project. Starting with design inception and complete only after final markups from the realities of site installation, we work with you to provide documentation to any industry standard requested.

Areas of expertise in documentation include:


  • Product (detailed piece part) drawings
  • Manufacturing (detailed piece part) drawings
  • Reverse engineering documentation
  • Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T)
  • Assembly drawings, orthographic / isometric
  • Bills of materials


  • Manufacturing system layout drawings
  • Manufacturing tool drawings
  • Installation drawings


  • Schematics
  • Harness assemblies
  • Cable drawings
  • Panel documentation

Technical Writing and Illustrations

  • Operator / user manuals
  • Installation manuals
  • Maintenance manuals
  • Patent drawings
  • Publications support, user manuals, assembly instructions
  • Presentation graphics

Deliverable Options

  • CAD database generation
  • Product catalog generation
  • Pro/ENGINEER, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD
  • DXF, DWG, IGES, STP, SAT, Parasolid compatibility

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