Decades of Performance

For more than a generation, BioSAFE Engineering has earned a reputation for innovative systems design based on needs assessment and analyses, high quality manufacturing, efficient site preparation, hands-on installation, start-up, commissioning and follow up service and technical support.

From conception to installation, we develop equipment to meet your unique needs. We provide custom engineering and manufacturing services as well as turnkey custom equipment.

Our custom solutions can be designed to meet processing capacities of a few pounds per hour to several metric tons per hour.

Up Front Needs Assessment – Getting Started

To learn if your equipment needs can be designed and built, please contact Roland Kallechy, Director of Operations for a prompt assessment, budget and timeline.

Staged Design – The Phases of Custom Services

Design, engineering, prototype building, validation and controls programming for custom equipment is completed through a schedule of staged design phases.

How it Works

Starting with the needs assessment, we work with you to develop each phase needed to complete your requested project. While our design stages are as unique as the resulting products, most schedules can be broken down into 6 phases.

  • Product Conceptualization – Needs Assessment and Product Definition
  • Front-End Engineering – System Functionality, General Layout and Design, P&ID Development, Economic Projections
  • Prototyping and Validation – Prototype, Testing, and Evaluation
  • Design Completion  – Application and Industry Standards, Final Models, Documentation, Cost Estimates, Customer Approval
  • Manufacturing – Sourcing and Production, Quality Systems Developed
  • Delivery – Installation, Site Validation, Startup & Checkout
Project Timeline for Custom Engineering

While custom engineering work, prototype building, validation and controls programming can all require more time than a conventional, commercially available system, the effort pays off. Customized solutions ensure capabilities and performance requirements meet your unique needs and deliver a return on investment.

Get the process started for your custom product, contact:

Mr. Roland Kallechy
Director of Operations
Corporate: 317-858-8099

Standard Products

Our standard product offerings can be found on the Medical Systems and Life Sciences pages. BioSAFE Engineering has designed, built, installed and regularly maintained equipment for decades.