While most of our efforts over the years have dealt with processing biohazardous and organic waste materials, our expertise is not limited to these areas. BioSAFE Engineering is first and foremost a designer and developer of original equipment to assist customers with difficult or dangerous materials.

In recent years, the public has become widely aware of the danger of faulty airbags in automobiles which has resulted in worldwide recalls and replacements of tens of millions of airbag units. The violent deployment mechanism that made airbags a huge breakthrough in public safety can also pose a risk when trying to properly dispose of them.

Conventional wisdom believed that they could be disposed of in industrial furnaces. But with limited capacity and handling dangers, better solutions were required to address the staggering volumes of recalled units.

Approached by a recycler of these products, BioSAFE was asked if large-scale shredding could be a path to inactivation with a safer disposal environment. We combined technologies from different categories of our equipment and came up with a unique solution – an underwater shredding process that safely disposes of the airbags at a very fast rate. Each of the millions of recalled units can now be destroyed in a matter of seconds.

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