Our commercial medical treatment systems are field proven to provide the industry’s lowest operating cost, obtained through completely automated continuous operation (no batch processing) and sustainable steam treatment of medical waste.

Our technology is utilized on a global basis to inactivate a range of waste streams including regulated medical, pharmaceutical, infectious, anatomical, crop science, animal research and path lab. Our equipment’s unique ability to run continuous cycles, combined with a wide range of capacity, options and configurations, results in an engineered solution to meet our customer requirements.

Cut Disposal Costs

  • Total ownership and operating costs average $0.10-$0.12 per pound, as opposed to three times this amount for third-party hauling and treatment.
  • Annual savings, in many cases, pay for the system in one year.
  • Control your future costs without worry about waste processing price increases.
  • Best warranty in the industry (2-Years with PM Agreement included).
  • Proven technology with over two billion pounds processed in STI Waste Treatment Systems worldwide.
  • Using STI SmarTecâ„¢ remote access support, equipment notifies users and BioSAFE Engineering if needs arise.

Hospitals, Agricultural, Research and Production Facilities

  • Our treatment systems may be installed outdoors at a loading dock or indoors if you prefer.
  • Eliminate labor associated with off-site transportation of waste (no boxing, labeling, manifesting and double handling of infectious waste), lowering risk of exposure.
  • Operate STI Waste Treatment Systems equipment under permit by rule in your state. Reference state-by-state regulations for more information.
  • Integral shredding assures efficacy under all circumstances.

Commercial Treatment Facilities

  • Stop transporting and brokering waste to other treatment facilities.
  • Remove the “middle man” approach and pocket the profits for your company.
  • BioSAFE Engineering support is unsurpassed during the permitting and implementation process.

Landfill Avoidance through Gasification of Final Product

BioSAFE Medical Waste Systems is laying the groundwork to redirect the treated waste from historical landfill disposal to recycling alternatives.

  • At one-third the associated disposal cost of medical waste treatment, we are developing a long-term, low operating cost alternative to landfill via recycling of treated medical waste.
  • STI Waste Treatment System output has been tested and approved for the Vadxx process.
  • Gain a public image benefit from landfill avoidance.

Partnership with Operators (PWO)

A low up-front capital program makes the cost of ownership competitive with any other technology available.

  • Healthcare environmental service organizations can focus on their own strengths – providing healthcare to the general public.
  • Asset service life, efficiency and uptime reside in the hands of BioSAFE Medical Waste Systems.
  • Long-term, stable disposal pricing becomes a real possibility.