BioSAFE Medical Waste Systems has a long history of reliable treatment of medical waste at the lowest industry operating costs… period!


  • Our system operates on low-pressure steam (less than 15 PSI) and consumes very small amounts of this steam.
  • BioSAFE Medical Waste Systems incorporates nothing but the most heavy duty, reliable shredders in each of our systems. Typical users do not have to perform major maintenance until the shredder has throughput between 2-3 million pounds of waste, providing simple periodic maintenance like oil changes are performed at prescribed schedules.
  • The waste that exits the system has no free liquids and is very dry and lightweight. This converts to economy at the landfill.
  • Because the system is a continuous feed system and not a batch system, there is no need to employ FTEs or store waste between cycles. The equipment is ready and waiting for more waste, unlike the competitive system which is always tied-up and causes the operator to wait.
  • Customers may use the same equipment to treat both general refuse and medical waste in heavy-duty commercial operation.
  • No full-time operator is required to run the system, saving your company on labor costs. Minimal operator training is required.