Indianapolis, IN, March, 2020 – Healthcare medical waste is being generated at higher rates than normal due to current events surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19). The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued infection control guidelines to raise awareness and encourage the use of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including N-95 face masks and disposable gloves.

Responsible disposal of medical waste is an important part of this equation. BioSAFE Engineering’s STI commercial Medical Waste Treatment System offers hospitals an onsite decontamination option that efficaciously and reliably inactivates all bacteria, viruses (including COVID-19) mycobacterium, parasites, fungi and bacterial spores.

Once treated, STI systems render medical waste contaminates safe to the general public and the environment. STI non-incineration Regulated Medical Waste Treatment systems incorporate integral shredding, steam treatment and dehydration.

The STI Medical Waste Treatment system is fully enclosed. Air entering the STI systems is HEPA filtered at 99.97% minimum efficiency at 0.3 micron to assure that airborne contaminants are contained by the system assuring safety for healthcare waste treatment personnel.

The following is a link from the healthcare workers perspective regarding Coronavirus Disease: