2,000 lb per hour medical waste treatment unit

Throughput Capacity 2000 lb (909 kg) per hour
Operating Temperature Waste in auger chamber: 205-212°F (96-100°C)
Steam in auger chamber jacket: 220-240°F (104-115°C)
Construction Material Painted steel (optional stainless steel)
Dumper Hydraulic
Available Configuration Floor or dock mounted door
  • Safety switches on all access panels
  • Door release inside cart dumper
  • Siemens PLC monitored alarm matrix
  • Spore testing made easy
  • Operator and maintenance training program
Electrical Enclosures NEMA 4 cabinets with Siemens PLC and touchscreen
HEPA Filter Min. operational efficiency of 99.97@0.3 microns
Time in Auger Chamber ≥ 60 minutes
Maximum Cart Size 220 gallons (800 liters) x 2 carts/lift
Recommended Utilities Sewer: 4″ flush trapped floor drain to accept 4″ ID connection
4″ to outside above roof (steam) (piping by others)
8″ to outside above roof (HEPA) (piping by others)
Room Make-Up Air: 4000 CFM (delivered during equipment operation)
Steam: 1000 lb/hr regulated to 13-14 psig max. and 1.5″ minimum diameter pressure relief valve set @ 15 psig max. (pressure regulator and pressure relief valve supplied by others)
Electric: Shredder: 480 VAC, 3 phase plus ground, 60 Hz, 300 amp service
Communications: Ethernet cat5 preferred or standard 4 wire analog with call access.
(All utilities within 10 feet of unit)
  • Stainless steel enclosures or painted steel construction
  • Floor mounted or dock mounted door
  • Door entry location is flexible
  • Enclosure over dumpster with automatic roll door
  • Waste carts/wheelie bins
  • Service contract
  • Additional training services