September 11, 2023, will mark the twelfth meeting of the C3 Summit in New York City. The C3 Summit is positioned to become the “Davos of Healthcare”. This year’s theme is “Building a Global Healthcare System with Bilateral Collaboration”.

The C3 Summit developed from a passion project of Ransel Potter, a former Senior Partner at Morgan Stanley, who wanted to create a global forum for both the US and Arab worlds to explore private sector growth and employment generation. The C3 Summit explores regional best practices and lessons learned while encouraging each region to open new opportunities on the commercial front and enhance free trade by bringing together business leaders, policymakers, educators,and healthcare professionals from the Arab world and the United States to focus on healthcare topics facing the world today.

This year’s event will include multiple roundtables, panels, breakout sessions, and featuring a keynote address by General David H. Petraeus, US Army (Ret.). Panelists and speakers include Dr. Ghassan Abou-Alfa (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center), Dr. David A. Goukassian (Mount Sinai Hospital), Mr. Dilip Chauhan (Deputy Commissioner, NYC Mayor’s Office for International Affairs), Dr. Shawna Novak (Executive Director, The Canada International Scientific Exchange Program), and Mr. Paul Doherty (Chairman & CEI, The Digit Group; author, “Smart Cities: Reimagining the Urban Experience”).

At this year’s meeting, BioSAFE Engineering’s Chairman and CEO, Mr. Phillip Mervis, will be speaking on “The Achilles Heel of Global Health: Climate Change, Water and Food.” The panel moderator will be Mr. Bob Castro (The World Innovation Network).  Other distinguished members of the panel scheduled to participate include Ambassador Dr. Deborah Birx (White House Coronavirus Task Force, Ret.), Lindsay Marie Denny (Environmental Health Consultant for UNICEF-HQ), and Ms. Karen Avakian (Global Consultant).

Through the sharing of the vast and diverse knowledge of the participants and the healthcare and business communities they represent, the C3 Summit International challenges traditional ways of thinking while fostering international cooperation and communication.

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